Application Development

A software application is an executable program tailored for specific tasks, such as the calculators on mobiles or the language-understanding ChatGPT.

The evolution of software application development has been a journey marked by profound technological advancements and paradigm shifts. From the early days of standalone applications, we have witnessed a remarkable progression towards highly sophisticated and interconnected systems.

The emergence of client-server architecture-based applications revolutionized how software solutions were designed and deployed. With the advent of Web 2.0, we saw the introduction of asynchronous data exchange, microservices, and APIs, paving the way for more dynamic and interactive web experiences.

The rise of mobile technologies brought applications to users’ fingertips, while cloud computing platforms enabled scalable and resilient infrastructures. Today, discussions revolve around Web 3, Decentralised Applications, and Blockchains, challenging traditional centralised design principles and advocating for a distributed approach to software development. Furthermore, Low Code/No Code tools have democratised application development, empowering individuals with minimal technical expertise to create robust software solutions. As we look towards the future, recent strides in AI and ML promise even more intelligent, intuitive applications, ushering in a new era of innovation and possibilities in application development.

Our team, skilled in cutting-edge technologies including Microservices, low-code/no-code, BPM, Integration, Blockchain, and Generative AI Models, delivers comprehensive solutions backed by extensive experience in the dynamic software development landscape.

What do we offer?


Full Stack Development involves proficiency in front-end and back-end technologies, enabling developers to work on the entire web application stack using modern engineering practices and tools. Technologies we offer : MEAN and MERN Stack, Java, .NET, Springboot, GoLang, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Angular JS, Node JS, React JS. Express JS and Python


Mobile development entails designing and coding applications for smartphones which can also be web compatible. Our team of UI and UX designers and developers have in-depth knowledge and experience to deliver the most advanced mobile apps. Technologies we offer : React Native, Ionic, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, Mobile Angular UI, Xamarin, Outsystems


Low/No-code platforms, enabling citizen developers to create fit-for-purpose apps, workflows as well as reducing code and time to market. Our experienced low-code associates will help you to maximize the benefits of using low-code platforms to retain the IP within the organization. Technologies we offer : Pega, Appian, Outsystems, WEM, Workato (Integration)


Successful application development depends on a cohesive team understanding organizational culture, embracing agility, and using modern engineering practices. Our associates are seasoned Agile practitioners following industry standards. We utilize Scaled Agile Framework, Scrum Alliance Practices, Atlassian Products, leading CI/CD tools, cloud engineering, and configuration management technologies.

Why choose us?

Technology Agnostic

Customer-centric Approach


Demonstrated Experience

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Viable Solution gives you the advantage as we bring years of experience in delivering automation solutions. This will help you avoid pitfalls, minimise the learning curve and start delivering results to your business faster and better. 


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